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Financial Reporting

Access university financial reports and learn about monitoring tools.

NC State’s Annual Financial Report provides information about the university’s financial condition and results of operations each year, starting on July 1 and ending on June 30.

Annual reports include financial data and statements as well as analysis and trend data. 

The State Auditor’s Financial Statement Report on the University

Each year, the North Carolina Office of State Auditor audits NC State’s financial statements and publishes an audit report, which discusses internal control over financial reporting and compliance, rules and regulations as required by Governmental Auditing Standards, as well as the auditor’s opinion on the financial statements.

For the most current year audited, the University did not have any reportable conditions or material non-compliance issues.

The State of North Carolina Single Audit Report

The State of North Carolina Single Audit Report is published by the North Carolina Office of State Auditor. This report provides information about the expenditure of federal funds for the state of North Carolina, the auditors’ report on compliance, and findings and questioned cost relating to the year audited as required by OMB Circular A-133.

The State of North Carolina Comprehensive Annual Report

The North Carolina Office of State Controller issues the annual financial statements for the state of North Carolina. The university system is a component unit of the state and is an integral part of the state’s financial statements.

This report includes the presentation of the state’s financial condition and results for the fiscal year, detailed disclosures regarding the state treasurer’s investment pools, the state’s pension plans, the state’s other post-employment benefit programs, and the state’s self-insured programs.

University Debt Management

Debt management encompasses the full financing life-cycle: planning, issuance and distribution, compliance, and maturity. NC State’s debt needs are planned years in advance to allow time for proper approvals, oversight, and preparation.

Monitoring Tools and Reports

Below, you’ll find common resources and tools used in approving financial transactions, as well as information about how transactions are monitored and reviewed to ensure proper accounting in our financial system.

Contact Us

If you have questions about the NC State’s financial reporting, the state’s auditing process or university debt management, please reach out.