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Payroll and Employment Tax for Departments

If you are responsible for payroll in your unit or department, we can help to ensure your staff is compensated correctly and on time.

Below, you’ll find payroll schedules, guides to common paycheck or deduction procedures, a list of special pay types, and other resources to help you take care of your employees and keep your department running smoothly.

We also offer guidance for individual employees and students and foreign nationals.

Payroll Schedules and Deadlines

Prior Fiscal Year (2022-2023)

Current Fiscal Year (2023-2024)

Payroll – Month by Month Schedules

Detailed monthly schedule including lockout and distribution information.

New Payroll Coordinators

At NC State, departmental payroll coordinators serve as liaisons between their department’s employees and the University Controller’s Office.

If you’re new to the university — or new to the role of payroll coordinator — we can help you get up to speed. Throughout the year, we offer a course designed for payroll coordinators, supervisors and anyone else who deals with payroll issues.

Some of their responsibilities of payroll coordinators include:

  • Helping staff access Employee Self-Service through MyPack Portal — or retrieving information for staff without computer access.
  • Safeguarding and distributing printed pay advices and W-2 forms.
  • Sharing important payroll information from memoranda and HR Connections with the employees in their department.

Many payroll coordinators also serve as their department’s representative to University Human Resources. You may be tasked with entering information such as job actions, personal data, time records and additional pay.

Other Resources

Contact Us

We’re available to answer questions that departments, payroll coordinators, supervisors, business officers and others may have regarding their employees’ compensation.