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Retired/Separated Employees

Find out how to access your payroll information after you leave NCSU.

Access to Employee Self-Service (ESS) is provided until April 30th of the calendar year following the date of separation for all NCSU employees. This allows the employee to retrieve any tax related data regarding employment at NCSU. For example, if you left the university October 1, 2021 you have access to employee self service (ESS) through April 30, 2022.

If you cannot log into MyPack Portal after separating from the university or need access after April 30th, contact the NCSU HELP DESK to see if your password has expired and/or reset your password. Visit or call 919.515.HELP (4357) to get help now.

If you are unsuccessful in re-establishing your unity ID and password, you can still securely retrieve copies of your pay stubs and W-2s by emailing We can upload to a secure folder or you can pick them up at the Payroll Office (M – F 8AM-5PM).

For duplicate W-2s, complete a request for duplicate W-2. For copies of your pay stubs, please list the dates the pay stubs in your email. To release the information we require proof of identification by valid government photo identification.

For additional information after you retire or separate, please visit the separating employee guide.