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Payroll Onboarding for New Employees

If you are you a new employee looking for guidance or have questions about orientation this webpage can help.

Welcome to the NC State University Payroll Online New Employee Orientation. Below you will find instructions, as well as “quick training” videos, that will review what you need to know as well as what information you will need to provide to University Payroll as a new employee. Please review this webpage and these short videos carefully and be sure to complete the “to do” items on your first day of employment. You can contact the University Payroll Office if you have any questions.

Phone: 919-515-4350

Note: The following does not apply to Foreign Nationals. If you are a Foreign National you must email for an appointment for a tax assessment in order to set-up your direct deposit and withholding taxes.

Pay Schedule

All faculty and staff (EHRA & SHRA) are paid 1/12th of their annual base salary on the last business day of each month. Please refer to the Monthly Payroll Schedule for a list of paydays.

Each month’s payment is for that month. There is no “delay”.  Any “additional compensation” (overtime, on call pay, holiday pay, summer school pay, etc.) is entered into the Payroll System at the department/college level each month or via WolfTime. Please check with your department to find out what the payment schedule is for “additional compensation”.

Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service (ESS) is an online resource accessible through MyPack Portal from anywhere that has an internet connection. Through ESS you will enter your banking information to initially set-up your direct deposit, change your tax withholding, view and print your monthly pay statements, print your W-2 year-end tax statement, update your mailing address and more. You will need your Unity ID and password to access ESS. You should receive these prior to or on your first day of employment.

Direct Deposit

All employees are required to provide their bank account information so that the University can deposit their pay directly into their account(s). No “paper” checks will be issued. On your first day of employment you will be asked to log into MyPack Portal and provide this information. Please review our “Quick Training” video on direct deposit which will explain what information is required and how to enter it into ESS. Funds will be deposited in your bank account by 9am on payday.

Payroll Taxes


Upon hire, the tax withholding for all new employees is set to marital status = Single, and number of personal allowances = 0.

If you want to claim Single, 0 for both federal & state tax calculation purposes, you do not need to do anything.

If you wish to claim something other than Single, 0 you will need to make the change via Employee Self Service.

NOTE: Your work location is automatically set to North Carolina.  If you will be working outside of North Carolina, you must contact University Payroll (919-515-4350) to ensure the proper state taxes are withheld.


By January 31st of each year, the University must provide you with a W-2 Wage and Tax Statement for the prior calendar year. Due to IRS regulation the University is required to print your W-2 and mail it to your home address UNLESS you tell us you prefer to receive your W-2 electronically via ESS and do not want us to mail you a paper copy.  Due to processing and mailing time, the electronic W-2 is always available sooner than the paper version.  You can consent to not receive a printed W-2 through Payroll and Compensation in Employee Self Service.

Pre-tax Deductions

A pre-tax deduction is a deduction to gross wages that reduces taxable wages for the employee. The IRS has classified certain employee-paid premiums and contributions as pre-tax deductions.  These deductions reduce your gross wages to taxable wages.  The withholding taxes on your paycheck are based on your taxable wages not your gross wages.  The taxable wages on your paycheck are what is reported on your W-2.

  • For example: Premiums paid towards health, dental & vision insurance are all “pre-tax” deductions.  If your “Actual Gross” is $3,000 per month and you are having $50 for dental & $50 for vision insurance premiums deducted each month from your paycheck,  your “taxable gross” wages are only $2,900 not $3,000.

Additional Information/Links

  • For information on additional pay, payroll taxes, payroll deductions and more visit the “For Faculty & Staff” section of the Payroll Webpage
  • See REG 05-45.1 for more details on mandatory direct deposit