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Payroll Deductions

This is a resource list for most types of payroll deductions and information on whom to contact to make changes. Not all payroll deductions are managed by University Payroll.

Deduction Cancellation

Some voluntary deduction plans may be canceled online via MyPack Portal. Once you have logged into the portal, select “Employee Self Service”. “Voluntary deductions” is an option under “Payroll and Compensation”.

If you prefer, you can complete a NC State Payroll Deduction Cancellation Form. However, please note that it can take up to two weeks to process a paper form.

To cancel deductions not available through MyPack Portal or the paper form:

Graduate Fees –

Gym Membership – University Recreation (919) 515-7529

Cooperative Extension Employees – CALS Personnel Office (919) -515-2708

State Employees Association of North Carolina – SEANC Office (800) 222-2758

All other benefits – Human Resources Benefits Office (919) 515-2151


A garnishment is an order that directs the University to withhold money from your paycheck, and to forward that money to the court or garnishing agency for payment of a debt you owe. Your wages can be garnished because of debts of federal, state and county taxes, alimony or child support. There are two ways you will know that there are garnishments to your paycheck. First, you will receive notice from the agency or court that your wages will be garnished. Secondly, you will be able to see the garnishments itemized on your paycheck.

Garnishments that may appear on the “deductions” portion of your paycheck include:

  • Child Support – The Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) will send the University an order if you have had a new child support order filed or a change to a current order.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – This type of garnishment stops all creditors that are listed in your filing agreement with the Chapter 13 Trustees from garnishing your checks (stops creditor garnishment only).
  • Creditor Garnishment – Any Court, Civil Court or Common Pleas Courts can require the University to garnish your paycheck as a result of a court judgment.
  • Tax Levies – There are three types of tax levies: federal, state and county. These can include taxes owed for property tax, income tax etc. If you are married, the filing may be made on whichever person is employed by the University.
  • Student Loan – Certain types of student loans qualify for garnishment from your paycheck if you are in default on your student loan.
  • State Health Plan – The plan is required by North Carolina state law to recover overpaid or erroneously paid state funds.

Human Resources Guiding Policy Disclaimer

Other Payroll Deduction Types

Benefits, Employee Wellness and Work-Life

Provides programs and services to help employees maintain a positive work-life balance including leave, recognition, perks and childcare programs. 

Parking Fines and Fees

Provides guidance about parking permits and pricing for employee, student, department, guests, and specialty events.

All Campus Card/Wolfpack One Card

The Wolfpack One Card is the official ID card for NC State. Find out how and where your Wolfpack One Card can be used.

Gym Membership

Your Wolfpack One Card or Wellness and Recreation Center ID card will serve as your membership card to enter the facility. Membership provides access to Wellness and Recreation indoor facilities, outdoor spaces, programs and services. Learn more how you can purchase a membership.

Give to NC State via Payroll

Give to one of the the many universty priorities, college gift options or other university areas at NC State.