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Longevity Pay

Longevity pay is an annual lump sum payment based on an eligible SHRA employee’s salary and total state service. Longevity pay is paid to eligible SHRA employees with at least 10 years of permanent employment.


Payroll is responsible for monitoring when employees are eligible for longevity and paying longevity. Payroll will enter the longevity payment in the HR System so that the employee will receive payment during the same monthly pay period or by the second biweekly pay period for permanent bi-weekly employees following the date the employee is eligible to receive longevity pay.

A few caveats:

  • If an employee’s service date is adjusted due to the employee being on Leave Without Pay, then the service date chage will affect the date that the longevity payment is made.
  • If an employee is eligible to receive longevity pay and is separated from state government, then the employee will receive a prorated amount on the earliest payroll possible following the date of the separation.
  • If an employee transfers to another state agency, then the employee will receive longevity on his/her regularly scheduled eligibility date.

N.C. Office of State Human Resources Policy Guidelines for Longevity Pay