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Source Codes

Frequently used source codes.

SourceDescriptionSystem Associated with Financials
A40Non Payroll DisbursementsAccounts Payable
A60AP Accrual EntryAccounts Payable
C32Core Departmental DepositsDeposits made through UCo
CORCORRECTION  – NO ICECentral Accounting use only
EHRPayroll Encumbrances Human Resources payroll
HR Payroll Entries Human Resources payroll
I60 Internal Interface EC 60 Service Unit Billings, Fdn, Fin Aid
I61 Internal Interface EC 61 University Temp Service Billing
ICE Indirect Cash Entries GL
030 Online Deposit Entry GL
031 Online Direct Deposits GL
036 C&G Online Transfers In GL
037 Accounting Online Transfers In GL
038 State Treasurer Interest GL
039 Allotment Entries GL
040 Online Disbursements GL
047 Clear Payroll Liabilities GL
048 Wire Transfers Out/Payments GL
060 Online Miscellaneous GL
065 Transfer of Non-Payroll Expense GL
066 Transfer of Revenue GL
P52 Purchase Orders Accounts Payable
P72 Requisitions Accounts Payable
R30 Receivables Payment Entry Student Accounts Receivable
R34 INTERNAL DEPOSIT OFFSET Student Accounts Receivable
R60 Receivables Accruals & Maintenance Student Accounts Receivable
R63 Student Receivable Charges Student Accounts Receivable
X60 External Journal Source IE – Loaded Journals