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Merchant Services Procedures

Learn about the university merchant service procedures, reconciliation procedures, segregation of duties, credit card, and excessive chargeback fees

GA-CM-MS-01 Merchant Services Statement of Procedure

GA-CM-MS-02 Applying for a Merchant Account

GA-CM-MS-03 Merchant Funding

GA-CM-MS-04 Changing an Existing Merchant Account

GA-CM-MS-05 Deactivating a Merchant Account

GA-CM-MS-06 Disposal of Point-of-Sale Terminal

GA-CM-MS-07 Maintaining PCI Compliance

GA-CM-MS-08 Merchant Account Assuming Cost & Fiscal Responsibilities

GA-CM-MS-09 Retention & Truncation

GA-CM-MS-10 Establishing an eStore for Sales and Services

Merchants using a third party application

  1. Purchases in Nelnet, CashNET, Paypal, Yahoo, or (third-party processors) must be batched daily.
  2. Print total sales reports or batch reports, at least weekly, from third-party applications.
  3. Compare the third-party processor’s report to WRS.
  4. The third-party application’s report should match WRS.
  5. If not, review transactions to find the discrepancy, and correct any errors.
  6. Review monthly reports and supporting documents to ensure that all transactions are vaild.

One person cannot hold all these positions.

  • User access to storefront
  • User processing orders
  • User processing refunds
  • Reconciles third party application reports with WRS

Merchants may combine the following roles:

Storefront access
Processing Orders/Refunds

Reconciling role must be separate from the processing role. Ideally, access to the storefront is separate from processor and reconciliation.