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State Term Contract Vehicle Rentals

Rental vehicles may be used with the prior approval of the department head or his/her designee.

For both in state and out-of-state travel, rental vehicles shall be obtained through State Term Contract 975 B Vehicle Rental Services when available. Unless prior approval has been obtained from the department head or his or her designee and documented on the Travel Authorization, the state employee shall bear the difference in cost when renting a vehicle from a class that exceeds the cost of a standard vehicle on the State’s term contract for short-term vehicle rentals.

No reimbursement will be made for rental insurance purchased because state employees are covered under the State’s auto insurance program. However, reimbursement for automobile rental insurance will be permitted for individuals engaged in state business during travel to international destinations.

Review the full Rental Vehicle Policy for more details on allowable expenses.

State Term Contract Direct Bill Reservation Request

If you are reserving a vehicle with your pcard or personal credit card, DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM. Visit the Enterprise & National Reservation website to make a reservation directly with Enterprise or National.

To reserve a vehicle using the university’s direct bill account with Enterprise, complete the fields below. If this trip involves overnight travel, please make sure your travel authorization is fully completed and approved, prior to beginning this request.

Reservations requests are reviewed during normal business hours 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.  If you do not receive a response by the close of the business the next business day, please contact Terressa Yeakle Best at

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What method of payment will you use to pay the rental vehicle charges?(Required)
If using P-card or a Personal Credit Card, do not complete this form.