2017 Mobile Communication Device (MCD) Allowance Recertification

It is time to re-certify your Mobile Communication Device allowance for calendar year 2017.  The Mobile Communication Device Procedures, Allowance Request Form and Allowance Template are posted on the Controller’s website at Mobile Communication Device Policy webpage

Please complete the following steps to re-certify your MCD allowance for calendar year 2017:

  • Complete the Mobile Communication Device Allowance Request Form (Revised 11/2016) and obtain the required employee and approval signatures. This form must be completed to request an allowance for an employee-owned device and to document approval of a university-owned devices.
  • Complete the Allowance Template. This template is required if requesting an MCD allowance on an employee-owned device.  The template calculates the actual reimbursement amount allowed.  Instructions are listed on the first tab.
  • Copy your most recent cell phone bill.  The phone bill must be in the employee’s name and/or address and include the amounts billed for voice and/or data.
  • Email the Mobile Communication Device Allowance Request Form, Allowance Template and Cell Phone Bill to cell_phone_forms@ncsu.edu by December 19, 2016.

The re-certification process is required.  If you do not re-certify by December 19, 2016, you will not receive an allowance payment in January 2017.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kimberly Kelley
Assistant Controller – Accounts Payable and Travel
University Controller’s Office
Campus Box 7204
Office: 919-515-7132
Email: khkelley@ncsu.edu

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